полутвёрдые сыры

Cheese «Verkhnedvinsky pryanyi» with the spice «spring greenery» 

Since the first days of cheese producing the cheesemakers from all over the world experimented on the taste of cheese. In achievement of unsurpassed original taste flavour additives and mixtures of spices play an important role. Considering the experience of foreign cheesemakers, and also on the basis of own long-standing skills and art of cheesemaking, have produced original receipts of spicy cheeses. The spice «spring greenery» (salt,  parsley, basil, onion, spices, curry powder, lemon acid,zests(coriander, pepper, garlic).

Fat content - 50,0%. 
Shelf life: 180 days at the temperature t=0-4ºС 
Term of cheese maturing: – 30 days. Bar-code 4811208002330 


остальные полутвёрдые сыры