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Cheese "mramorny"

Among the similar cheeses, which are sold on the counters of our shops, Cheese «Mramorny» " differs from other cheeses with its original colour, which is of two colors - yellow and orange. These "patterns", typical for a noble stone, have defined the product name. Cheese «Mramorny»  has appeared in the assortment of Belarusian creameries no more than 15 years ago and at once has proved its right to life. In the beginning buyers took an interest in an exotic look of the product and then when they tasted it, their sympathy for cheese became more stronger. But how the cheesemaker do reach this colour of the cheese? Fortunately,The presence of natural colouring agents allows the manufacturer to produce 100 % healthy product, without chemical additives. Moreover, the raised maintenance of the colouring agent "Annato" even gives to the Cheese «Mramorny» the advantage over any other cheese. Its using promotes improvement of eyesight and intellectual activity. It is made from normalized pasteurized cow's milk; refers to the hard rennet cheese. Taste and smell are moderately cheese, slightly sour. The cheese is white to light yellow in colour. It has original marmoreal drawing, irregular angular, round and oval eyes. No holes and unevenness are possible.

Fat content - 45,0%
Term of cheese maturing – 30 days.  Shelf life: 180 days at the temperature 0-40


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