Unsalted sweet-cream butter "MELESHINSKOE" 70,0%

In our company retained the classical technology of production of high-quality natural butter, which guarantees respect for the traditional flavors of butter, familiar to us from childhood. Butter from brand “Ulianka” does ideal for family breakfast, for good cooking, for dishes on festival table.  Sweet-cream butter "Meleshinskoe" produced from high-quality fresh creams and has pleasant expressed taste.  

Fat content – 70,0%                                                                                      Shelf life: 60 days at temperature t= -3 - -12 0 C                                Shelf life: 120 days at temperature t= -13 - -18 0 C and relative air humidity no more than 90%                                                                        Net weight - 180 g.                                                                                      Packaging - foil. Quantity in a packing case: 20/40/80 


остальное масло