Prophylactic speech of the Ministry of Emergency Situations at Verkhnedvinsk Butter and Cheese Plant


Safety rules for work collectives.As part of the national campaign "Safety - in every home!" rescuers held a preventive conversation with employees of the organization on the topic of safety at work and in everyday life. At the beginning of the meeting the MES representatives told about the fires that had occurred in the area, and the root causes of their occurrence. Also reminded of the rules of the operation of stoves and electrical equipment, with special attention to the need to replace the old electrical wiring in homes. They told about the benefits of installing and maintaining in working order autonomous fire detectors, cited cases of rescuing people, thanks to their work.During the meeting the video films "Safety in Every Home", "The dynamics of fire from a cigarette" were shown to the attendees. Also with the employees of the organization lifeguards held an interactive discussion "Name the price" and "Safety in the apartment." Representatives of MES reminded those present about the prevention of leaving small children unattended and the consequences it can lead to. And at the end of the conversation handed out life safety leaflets to those present.