3rd place in the regional competition! In an unusual, but very important one!


On June 11 Verkhnedvinsk hosted the 14th regional competition of sanitary units of civil defense of Vitebsk region. To put it simply, sanitary teams.  What is it for? So that everyone was ready to provide first aid and possibly save someone's life. To be able to stand up for themselves and their families, to be ready for unpredictable situations. Such competitions are held annually in the region. This year 23 teams of enterprises and organizations of Vitebsk showed their knowledge and skills in this case. Including a team of JSC "Verhnedvinsky butter and cheese plant. As a result, our team showed excellent result and received a diploma of the 3rd degree!  The structure of the sanitarian team of JSC "Verhnedvinsky butter and cheese plant":

1. Pivarovich Ekaterina - squad leader.

2. Krapivko Kirill.

3. Pashkevich Artem.

4. Nikolay Mironov

5. Vereshchako Igor

6. Natalya Listopadskaya

7. Kolzun Valentina

8. Anatoly Fesiuk

Congratulations to the participants! May this knowledge never come in handy for you in reality!