Semi-hard cheese

Cheese "Bukovinsky"

It has a moderately pronounced cheesy, slightly sour taste and aroma. The dough is soft, pliable, uniform throughout the mass. In section the cheese has a pattern consisting of round, oval or irregular shaped eyes of different sizes. The color of the dough from white to light yellow, uniform throughout the mass. Ingredients: normalized milk, table salt, water, thickener - calcium chloride, bacterial starter mesophilic and thermophilic lactic acid microorganisms, preservative - lysozyme, natural milk-enzyme animal origin, colorant E160b. Energy value: kJ 1364.8, kcal 326 proteins 25.2 fats 24.83


Mass fraction of fat in dry matter - 45,0%
Barcode: 4811208000022
Shelf life - 240 days at t=0-4ºС
Cheese ripening period - not less than 30 days
STB 1373 Superior gradeTI VMSZ 300061219.002

Cheese "Bukovinsky"

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