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Cheese "Ricotta"

Soft cheese "Ricotta" mass fraction of fat in the dry matter of 50%. Ricotta (Italian ricotta) is a traditional Italian whey cheese. Ricotta is made from whey, which remains after making mozzarella or other cheeses. Thus, the protein base of ricotta is not casein, but albumin (more specifically, lactalbumin). Ricotta has a sweetish taste, which is given by the presence of lactose (the presence of this component in the whey is about 2-4%), it depends on the type of milk used. Ricotta is a traditional product of the southern regions of Italy. Ricotta is a kind of whey cheese. It is made from whey, which remains after cooking mozzarella. In addition to the whey, cream is used. Ricotta is undeniably considered a versatile cheese: it is used in the preparation of desserts, main dishes, salads. This is a great filling for all kinds of pies, ravioli and pasta, giving a piquant and delicate taste.Ingredients: whey, pasteurized cream, alcoholic vinegar for food.Nutritional value100 gr. cheese: fats, g 15.0, protein, g 16.0. Energy Value (calories) of cheese: 830 kJ (200 kcal). 


Mass fraction of fat in the dry matter - 50.0%
Shelf life - 24 days at 0 ° C to 6 ° C and relative humidity (80-85%).
Barcode: 4810766001526
Net: 180 g.

Cheese "Ricotta"

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