Soft cheese

Cheese "Adygeysky legkyi with cumin"

Cheese can rightly be considered a dietary product, which is useful to include in the menu of children, the elderly, pregnant women. It is characterized by high nutritional value and contains biologically active substances necessary for the body. Ingredients: buttermilk, table salt (anti-caking agent E536), alcoholic vinegar for food purposes, caraway seed. Nutritional value of 100 grams of cheese: protein, g-25.9, fat, g-3,7, carbohydrates, g-1,4. Energy value of cheese (calorie)- 596.6 kJ (142.5 kcal) Net weight 310g


Mass fraction of fat in the dry matter - 12.0%
Shelf life - 30 days at t of plus 2 ͦС to plus 6 ͦС and relative humidity (75-85%)
Bar code: 4810766000598

Cheese "Adygeysky legkyi with cumin"

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