Элитные сыры

Cheese "Maasdam"

It is cheese with big “eyes”. Taste and smell: strong cheese, sweetish, a bit spicy.

Consistency: paste is delicate, soft, homogeneous. Paste colour: from light yellow to yellow, true to all paste. Patterns: round and oval holes. Slot-shaped holes are possible.

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, normalized, firming agent - calcium chloride, bacterial ferment of mesophilic, thermophilic lactic acid and propionate microorganisms, preserving agent – lysozyme, natural milk-clotting enzyme of animal origin, colouring agent Е160b.

Fat content - 45%

Cheese repining time – 40 days.

Commodity Nomenclature of foreign Economic Activities Code 0406909909 Bar code 4811208003566                                                          Shelf life 240 - days.


остальные элитные сыры