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Cheese | Cheese «Bukovinsky»

Cheese «Bukovinsky»

Fat content in dry solids 45 %

Once hard-working cheesemakers worked out technology, joining in itself diligence of cheesemakers and quality will make You happy with the true cheese «Bukovinsky». Traditional semi-hard rennet cheese in the company of Yours best friends turns into kind smiles and strong health.

Product description: Cheese is made from fresh cow's milk by processing it, adding starter culture and coagulant and then processing it further - cutting, stirring, heating, draining, pressing and finally curing.

The taste expressed cheesy, slightly sour, as if it brings You to the village Yanino, where are working kind-hearted cheesemakers. This cheese is very popular and digestible.

Cheese «Bukovinsky». can be used:


• as a spicy appetizer with coffee, wine, or beer

• for pasta

• for roasting meat

• for sandwiches or toasts

• as an ingredient for dessert salads with fruit, berries, and nuts.

Starage: Product must be stared in a cool, dry palace, at temperature between 2 and 4 C and relative humidity below 80 %, product has 12-18 months shelf e in the original packaging.

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