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Cheese | Cheese «Dutch Loaf» with 45% fat content

There are cheeses, which do not need additional presentation. These cheeses are   of Holland group. But «Gollandsky bruskovy» differs from its congeners with less spicy taste, and more gentle consistence.


History: Cheese «Gollandsky bruskovy»  is already known in our country about 150 years.

Production:Our masters-cheesemakers, have mastered the from Holland comed technology of Edam cheese, have proved it and have begun to produce  new kind of cheese. Product is made in result of clotting of milk, separation and processing of cheesy mass.


Fat content in dry solids not lessthan  45%

Taste:Taste and smell are slightly sour and spicy, without strange aftertaste and smells.


The cheese has irregular round, oval and angular eyes in section. Nutritive value is determined by the high content of proteins, butterfat, minerals and vitamins.


1) In 2009 year in Minsk on the competition «The best production of the year-2009» OJSC “Verhnedvinsk Creamery” was awarded by diploma of the winner in nomination “Rennet cheeses” for the cheese «Gollandsky bruskovy».

 2)The gold medal and diploma in the exhibition-fair”The belarussian production  in Moscow “ for cheese «Gollandsky bruskovy» in cuts.

Term of cheese maturing – 30 days.

Shelf life: 120 days at the temperature 0-40C.

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