Brand «Yan-syrodel» was created in May 2005, special for hard and semihard rennet cheeses. Ever since «Yan-syrodel» is a true competitor of all degustations, festivals and holidays on exhibitions, trade fairs, shops. He became a common favorite. Hardworking, cheerfull and very kind character is not only the character from the label, not just a  recognizable brand, he is legally considered as a patron of  Verhnedvinsk cheesemakers.


In our company retained the classical technology of production of high-quality natural butter, which guarantees respect for the traditional flavors of butter, familiar to us from childhood.

Butter is made exclusively from milk cream with a characteristic peculiar to his taste, odor and plastic consistency. The main test for checking the quality of butter - it should be well spread on bread.


Pale yellow colour(from deep yellow to nearly white, rich milk taste and smell without foreign adour.)

Whey powder

The company was the first one in Belarus which mastered the production of dry demineralised whey. Having reached the rated power level the workshop is able to process 200 tons of raw products a day, which allows to receive 10 tons of valuable 'produce. Demineralised whey is an irreplaceable component for the production of infant's food, drinks, ice-cream, processed cheese, confectionary and bakery products. It is widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetological industries. The production line is equipped with foreign installations, and the process of demineralisation and partition of the elements contained in whey is executed under the influence of electrical fields. This method allows to produce products with unique qualities, bearing high nutritious and biological value. OJSC”Verhnedvinsk Butter-Cheese plant is informing You, that has begun to produce dry demineralized cheese and casein whey powder with the different degree of demineralization(50%,70%, 90%).



Manufacture of dairy products in our company has about 80 years. In the early 20 century, processing of milk was only 15 tons per day. Made sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, cheese and butter fat. Oil was worked out in the draft masloizgotovitele horse-driven. The plant employs 20 people. This is our story.

By keeping the traditions of production and ongoing work to improve the quality of milk used for production, we are able to offer customers a full, healthy dairy products. Production of cow's butter and cheese rennet firm complies with ISO 9001–2009.

Today our company occupies a leading position in the production of hard cheeses in the Vitebsk region, with each day increasing number of admirers of our products in other regions of Belarus.

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