More than the forty-years history of the enterprise is a history of constant modernization, formation of traditions, accumulation of experience.

Verkhnerdvinsk butter-cheese factory was built in 1932 in the picturesque suburb of Verhnedvinsk, where the river Drissa flows together with the Dvina, on the basis of several creameries. In March 1964 the enterprise has continued his work in adapted, putted in commission building in the village Janino in Verhnedvinsk area. In the first year of the enterprise's work the number of the working staff was 50 persons, and production was only weighting.

Thanks to the reconstruction of building on manufacture of cultured milk foods , production technologies of packaged whole-milk and low-fat production are introduced. Over the years the enterprise was many times modernized. In 1965 and 1971 reconsructions of manufacture have been spent.

Thanks to the technical modernization in the next years the capacity of factory has been increased to the producing of 100 тons of milk in shift. The main specialization of the enterprise is the manufacture of hard rennet cheeses.

We began to build the cheese-making manufacture with two species of cheese, and at present we are producing cheeses with a various fat content and term of cheese maturing: «Gollandsky», «Gollandsky Premium», «Bukovinsky», «Voskresensky», «Raubichsky», «Edamer Premium», «Rossiisky molodoi», «Mramorny», «Slivochny»,«Verkhnedvinsky legky», «Verkhnedvinsky Bio», «Monarh», «Parmezan Klassichesky», «Starodvinsky», cheesy product «Rossiisky wkus» and cheesy product «Gollandsky wkus».

Today OJSC «Verkhnedvinsk  butter-cheese plant» is  one of  the leading cheese producers  in the Republic of Belarus. The company specializes in hard rennet cheese, melted cheese with various fillings, butter, whey powder, and demineralized whey powder.

Since 2006   OJSC «Verkhnedvinsk  butter-cheese plant» produces cheese and butter under trademarks «Yan Syrodel» (traditional semi-hard cheese, flavored  processed cheese), «Algerd»(elite cheese)  and «Ulyanka»(butter, spread, whey powder).

The capacities of the enterprise allow to process about 18 tons of milk  a day.

The main product of the enterprise is cheese. Its production takes 80 % of the total production. The estimate annual production of cheese is 4, 2 MT. Nearly 60% of it are intended for export. Our major trade partners are companies of the Customs Union (Russia and Kazakhstan) but we’re willing to expand our markets.

Owing to new equipment we expanded the range of traditional cheeses (Rossiyski and Dutch cheese type) and exclusive ones considerably.  The enterprise’s recently developed manufacture of such elite cheeses as Emmentaler, Asiago, Maasdamer and Gouda. The production with various fillings was launched at the plant. These are cheeses with cumin, paprika, walnut, garlic as well as cheeses produced using propionate bacteria and cheese dough coloration(beta-carotene, chlorophyl). Today the assortment of semi-hard cheese includes nearly 30 items with a various fat content and term of cheese maturing. Fat mass fraction varies from 23 to 50 percent of dry solids. Ripening terms are up to 3 months.

Cheese is produced in the size euroblock(500x300x100 mm 15 kg), in the form of a round head( 11-15xD24-36; 7,2-8 kg )and/or rectangular bar(25-30x12-15x8-13, 3,9 – 4,8 kg). But by be the order of consumers, trading organizations those or other, cheese can be made in different forms. Also at the enterprise is carried out cutting and packing up in the inert-gas blanket.

The existing  system of  control allows to produce ecological clean production of high quality. Factory has implemented a quality management system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 22000, quality management system LST EN ISO 9001:2008 and the food safety system LST EN ISO 22000:2005.

Of the 1-st July, 2012 our enterprise received import permit to supply their products to the territory of the EU.

One of the priorities of the enterprise is a further increase of production capacities: It is planned  to construct new dairy farms and renovate the existing ones.

The products of Verkhnedvinsky Butter and cheese-making plant have been conferred several highest awards and diplomas at such contests as Best exporter, Champion of taste, Best product of the year, Prodexpo 2013.

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